SL11B Quick Tour and LMs

SL11B opens to the public tomorrow, the 22nd.  As always there is plenty to see.

A little art, a smidgen of education, a spot or two for resting and lots of music and presents; there is something for everyone.

I wandered around on press day with no real plan. One of my favorite spots was A little Dream of Italy -- a wonderfully calm resting spot away from the visual cacophony that is the birthday bash.

The stage builds are often the stars of the show. Here at the Astonish Live stage that holds true.

There is even a spot where you can voice your ideas for change. Interestingly enough it is very close to the Linden Gift Vendors where you can pick up your robot and bear.

There are plenty of gifts to be had this year, more than in the past it seems. I didn't go out looking for presents but found many on my quick fly bys. Shown here is a Chinese Ruan from Haiku  with very nice animation that I picked up at the Wonderous Gift Area (look for a large gold rectangular gift box). Many gifts are out including a Sway's Birthday Bear and a commemorative KittyCat.

The outdoor dining set was a gift from a little Dream of Italy (see above). It is one of the many hunt gifts you can find this year.

A much easier than last year hunt experience awaits you. Pick a trail and walk the streets. I am guessing you could even pick up a pod (available right where you pick up your SL11 bear) and hunt from the ease of your vehicle.


Northern Trail:

Southern Trail:

Eastern Trail:

Western Trail:

There is plenty to see and lag as always will be a problem (hence no super sharp or shadowy photos of the event here). So turn down your draw distance and any other graphics extras you don't need.