Salopette?  An excellent Scrabble word -- IF it is in the official dictionary.

I had NO clue what a salopette was, but the word "denim" got me on board before I opened the boxes to see what was new for FaMESHed. What appears to be a French word (Wikipedia) translates into "overalls"!

Now those of you that follow this blog know that I spend a LOT of time in overalls. Mine are antique, texture not mesh, and have been in need of an upgrade for a very long time. Well here it is!  Lots of colors to choose from including various blue denim styles. I chose the red set since my familiar ones are of that color.

When I was trying to make my choice which to open I was looking at the photos of all the colors WITH bra top -- making my decision in part based on the bra color. Well guess what? No need as you have a full range of bra choices with each of the salopettes. There is a no bra option should you want to wear this over a system top. 

If you are good little sleuths you noted the maker's name on the hud OR you might just be a smart guesser. Either way, BAIASTICE is the shop sign to look for when you make it into FaMESHed.

My lazing place is the Cheeky Pea  Westbury Garden Lounger, also at FaMESHed.  It comes in two versions, this being the plainer choice. Both blankets and pillows are color change via hud (separate choices). Adult and PG versions are available.

A very pretty set with tea candles and wispy shadescreen, it is perfect for the warm days and nights ahead.

Hair by Mina (Nikky)
Poses by the lounger