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Pantries and Pomegranates

Disclaimer: this post has nothing at all to do with pomegranates; I just liked the alliteration.

It DOES have something to do with food though and pantries in a smaller sense. Oh I am so crafty today.

It is ARCADE time. Many of you are jumping for joy and already waiting for the moment the gates open.

Out from Second Spaces a big set of kitcheny goodness, down home style.  Bowls and pans and freshly gathered produce; spices and boxed goods, canisters -- and yes, a pantry but not the one shown here :D -- all combine for a fun gacha theme.  Some of the items have a more modern feel, but my space in need of an update was definitely country and most assuredly not posh *wink*.

So if you have a kitchen, be SURE and find the gacha with all the small items that make a home a home.

Broom, refrigerator (Post), cupboard and milk can are not part of this gacha.


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