FFL - Amble


I have to say that I am so very very surprised with the skins at Fashion For Life. Honestly, for me, they are better than Skin Fair and I worked VERY hard trying to find a new skin there :D.

This is :.:Center Ville Maison's Aimi in Tea (other shades including darker are available). (FFL opens June 7) (main store)

I type to you from AMBLE inside the Purple Moon store. This is Time Traveller Outfit Brown, one of the FFL donation items.  The Purple Moon main store is here.

A lovely, steamy outfit, it comes with French heeled bootlets. 

And here is the look of Amble; retro Southwest. I love it!

Hair from Damselfly (FFL see previous post)

Poses by: oOo Stuidos and !bang

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    # by Dany Carneiro - June 6, 2014 at 5:17 AM

    The creator of something is always in expectation of his productions are blogadas by other eyes and expectations are sublime when pecebemos that what we create is even more beautiful when it is shown by those who know for sure the best way to be appreciated. The photo is perfect, very profissonal style and I just Encatada with the dedication being shown by my product for you! Thank you for encatar me with your beautiful post! My skin Aimi could not have been as beautiful as it is here. Big hug! Luy ( Center Ville)