Late Breaking News on the NEW Second Life

Now those of you with social connections, are Firestorm users or just hang around the forums a lot probably know by now that The Lab is (has been) working on a new version of Second Life. The populous has named it SL 2.0 but that is not the official name. There is likely no real official name.

There has been a lot of conjecture, alarm and whining on the threads, mostly from folks that did no research at all about anything OFFICIAL or listened to the "leaked" audio file that started the whole disclosure plan.

I am in a wait and see mode on the new world. If MOSP will be there then likely I will. I might not be making content as I have no idea what the TOS and content creator terms will be, but "someone" will definitely be checking it out, if not Chic.

MEANWHILE to hopefully dissuade some of the misinformation circling like vultures,  I am going to paraphrase what Ebbe Linden just posted on the forums. You can find the original text on page 52 of this thread

So here is a bit of info on what the New World will be like:

* What will be transported over (in all likelihood):

Mesh OK
Animations (complete change)
Sculpts (TBD)
Scripts (all new)
Textures OK
Prims (TBD)
Avatars will be radically improved (TBD)

* The TOS will not be an issue in the porting over of your goods. [My comment: Hence the TOS of August last.]

* Currency will remain the same and you will be able to transfer between worlds.

* Identity and friends will be preserved. Inventory will be determined in part by what will transfer over.

A big thanks to Ebbe Linden for clearing up some questions!