That Review Copy Thing and TIMING

OMG it's a Sunday Op Ed piece!

I had to smile today (it is earlier in the week). It is good to smile. It also got me thinking.

This isn't about designers who send out normal review copies. Happily I have had some folks that I didn't know well send me items and I am very willing to feature them as I "like their stuff". This is about review items for events.

Often the items sent are the specialty items for that event. Great! As bloggers we want to see and show off the new stuff and the only here stuff and the only so many copies stuff. All good.

What I wanted to talk about is MY PERSONAL VIEW on the timing of those blogger packs!  Now this is indeed just my take on things. Other bloggers may see events quite differently.

Here is my input.

Usually there is a first date that designer can send out their items -- either in group or to bloggers at their discretion from a group list. Most (not all) of the early arrivals are from new folks on the block or what I hope is politically correct in saying "the second tier" of designers. Now, "I" am a second tier designer so I do not mean that in a negative way. These are the folks that we often don't hear too much about. They may be new, they may be under the radar. Their status has nothing to do necessarily with the quality of their goods.

Personally? I do my best to show off these folks if I feel their items are well made, creative, quirky -- whatever!

Then comes the main assault - LOL. And honestly it can feel that way when you see so many things coming your way, knowing that you made commitments and in my case knowing that you are going to do your darnedest to blog everything you like within your time and energy constraints.

Then --- there is the after-party glow period, when late or elite or sometimes elite AND late designers send out notices about their items. And finally what seems to be the "well I guess I better send this out now that the event is halfway through (or later)" arrivals.

So here is a hint to those last group of folks -- and I mean this in the most friendly way. Once, as a blogger, you have featured a venue ten or twenty times (oh my!) the thrill is waning. It takes something REALLY special to get that enthusiasm up and running.

I have seen the scenario many times when the folks late too the party do not get featured and wonder why. It wasn't the quality of their items -- it was their TIMING!

Just my input and something to think about if you are a designer. I know I am not alone in these thoughts -- but again, there are certainly gals and guys who do not agree.

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    # by Bel - June 16, 2014 at 2:40 AM

    I tend to disagree with a lot of what you have just said . I am a blogger and have a small store. I was lucky enough to get in to the ffl event. I did not send out my blogger pack to Any of the Bloggers in person till after the first mad rush of postings. Why? Well bloggers are human and like you said. At the start of an event its like an avalanche of items coming at you, my small offerings may get missed in the unpacking. So i send them out halfway through. Also this helps keep the blogs fresh with new items. I am heartily sick of seeing the big names represented time and time again, Same outfit different background. So my point some of us think about the sustained exposure not the first mad rush.