FFL - Details and Oversights

A good portion of Fashion for Life is certainly about clothes. Long formal dresses, casual wear, ethnic attire -- it is a long list. But there are accessories as well. Jewelry, hair and skins can be found as well as props and poses. This is primarily a girlie event and girls love their accessories.

I now have Slink hands to match my newly acquired feet. There is a story there, but I'll skip that and get to the goodness. These are some very pretty basic nails (various colors of course) from Flair.

Now, honestly I have a little virtual egg on my face here as I type and yes, I am smiling. These came my way this afternoon when I was finishing post number 13 for Fashion for Life. I was so enmeshed in FFL that it didn't dawn on me that these were not FFL releases (at least they are not in the official list). Rather than pretend that I didn't make a giant error :D I am just going to tell it like it is.

I zipped over to the Flair store at The Deck. Many, many choices can be had.  Lots and lots of basics and near basics -- and as you probably know, I am a "basics" sort of gal. These will definitely come in handy - pun intended.

Later note:  A bit of VERY early morning sleuthing and I found FLAIR over in TREK.   I don't know why it didn't come up in my search for shops, but here is the SLURL :D. Whew! I feel so much better now.

I like nails. There was a time in the typists real life past that she was fairly obsessed with them. I imagine that can be said for most gals. It had been awhile since I had concentrated on hand photos. Long ago and far away I had a jewelry store so it wasn't that much of a stretch. Still, poses were a bit hard to come by and I now have at least one with "SLink NAILS" added to the title. A good habit to get into.

So go, find, enjoy at Flair!

And NOW back to the rest of the story - LOL. Yes, still laughing at myself.

My Fashion For Life outfit hales from Sky (main store) and is fittingly called Safari. The scarf is separate from the dress; both come in various sizes and the head scarf also comes unrigged. Now the rigged version works nicely so I am not sure why you would want the unrigged version, but choices are always good.

The bracelet I am wearing (see top photo) is the Opal  (main store) Kalan Bracelet; this in gold. Very pretty with a handmade look, it comes in various color combos.

Still in Aimi skin (FFL)

Poses by: aDORKable and Diesel Works