Fashion For Life 2014

Happily I am one of the official bloggers on the Fashion for Life team this year. I was pretty sure that I had covered the event each year of my SL existence.  My research hasn't uncovered the very first RFL year, but I did find a very vintage shot from a post in May 2009.

I was a bit over a year and a half then. Texture clothes were king of course. There were sculpts but no mesh OR prim nails.

This was an outfit called "Fight Girl" made for the event. I can remember finding a boxing club for a backdrop. After that things get blurry.

I also found posts for each of the following years including one with a lovely feathery dress from BAISTICE.

Here is the news for this year's event:

Fashion For Life runs from June 7th - June 20th across 10 sims. The theme this year is Wanderlust - a reflection of Relay For Life's theme Journey To A Promise. Over the 10 sims, you will find 150 stores, gacha areas and a region wide passport game.

The theme is Wanderlust - expressing the joy of the journey. Many people struggling with cancer describe it as a journey, one fraught with peril and sometimes despair, but there are also moments of joy and recovery. The global struggle against cancer is also a journey from our impotent past to our current present where we have many more tools to treat cancer to a hopeful future where cancer no longer looms large in our lives.

This year there will be a passport game.  Each sim builder created an item that you can collect by donating to Relay For Life. You can collect these items and using the passport HUD, gather enough to redeem for gifts at the redemption centers on each sim.

There will be several runway shows as well as music. The fashion events have been organized by Best of SL, under the direction of Reign Congrejo with the assistance of Kay Fairey.  They will be posting more information soon. Zenzibar, the fabulous dance club, will be hosting live music and DJs throughout the event and streaming throughout the region.

And here's to the folks that are making it happen.

The builders did an amazing job under the guidance of Grace Loudon.

Fashion For Life is very grateful to the following builders who volunteered many hours of their time building the ten sims for Fashion For Life. In addition, each builder created a sim-inspired item for a region-wide passport game. Their task was to take a single concept and create a world around it. They did a magnificent job.

Barnesworth Anubis – FFL Excursion (water transportation on rivers)
Bianca Bender – FFL Amble (Automobiles)
Eclair Martinek - FFL Perambulate (Foot-driven, skateboards or skates)
Grace Loudon – FFL Meander (water transportation on the ocean)
Jara Lowell – FFL Voyage (2-3 wheelers)
Pluto Fairey – FFL Parade (Pedal Power)
Rathmeous Dagger - FFL Promenade (Space)
TotalLunar Eclips - FFL Journey (Steampunk Ground transport)
Troy Vogel – FFL Trek (Mechanized Flight)
Winter Nightfire – FFL Wander (Non-Mechanized Flight)

Planning was done by a small committee of volunteers
Fashion For Life Planning Committee

Cajsa Lilliehook (overall planning)
Gidge Uziza (blogger coordination)
Grace Loudon (building oversight)
Harper Beresford (oversight)
Kay Fairey (BOSL fashion show and lookbook)
Manon Clary (outreach)
Monoton Resident (outreach)
Reign Congrejo (BOSL fashion show and lookbook)
Zzoie Zee (Live music and DJs)