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Morning Mix and Match

This is the ending fadeout scene to my morning adventure which could be entitled "My $3 Outfit". I bet you like that title :D . Here's the story.

That's me sitting on a box of discount shoes at MK Fashion. I'm not buying those shoes, simply because I don't "buy" (wink). I do however SHOP and I am perfectly happy to be one of your personal shoppers so to speak. These look darling and are deeply discounted as a promotion for Dating which shares the building here. There are several discounted items in boxes on the floor and a couple of dollarbies (gals shoes not shown and the sunglasses I am wearing). There are also some boots for guys. All are easy to spot. (Thanks

BEFORE I got to MK Fashion, I made some stops. I had a shirt from E! -- an SLD Hunt prize. Not easy to find but very cute and unisex. You get two colors of brown and this is the lighter of the two. Many layers makes this very versitle and tuckinable (is that word?). Anyway, I wanted to make a NEW outfit for you.

I heard that Posh and Concrete Flowers had some new dollarbies out so I headed over there. They have some pants I dearly love. You get three colors in the pack. Silver, green and red. These are the red. Go figure. The poster colors are correct however so they worked beautifully. You get the three pairs for a buck.

The hair also comes from Posh. Now, I wasn't sure about this hair. It did not scream "me" at all - LOL. But, I thought it might be YOU and wanted to do my job as one of your personal shoppers (wink). So, I bought it for the $1 price. It looks much better on me than expected. It has four pigtails which isn't obvious in the photo. The colors blend together very nicely.

The shoes I am wearing are from last night's Midnight Board at Sunmade Fashions. I'm guessing there is a new prize today as that is usually the mode. Hope you got your pair. They are sure to come in handy this summer. They are the old type-in style of color change, but that works fine. The tank is from Total Betty and is part of a dress with many layers. I use it as a tank often. It may still be available so you might want to check that out.

The photo above is taken at the MK Designs photo studio which has a nice pose stand with good poses and poses for GUYS also. Yeah.

So that's my morning of shopping.


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