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Journey and Wonderland

I have a lot of clothes made by Journey of **Prism**, but I think this is my favorite. It is called Frills and features a ruffly sculpty skirt. The colors are enticing, a gentle mix of violet and golden tan. Something we might not put together to readily, but works well. Frills comes in four other colors.

The fact that I had perfect accessories most likely speaks to my enjoyment of the colors involved. I added some new boots from Shoe Fly as well as earrings and a bracelet from Genesis. When I am in a more casual mood, the violet leggings (group gift) from MALT work perfectly.

As you may already know, there is almost always a dollarbie at PRISM. Find it in the middle of the store near a model. It changes periodically.

The ankle boots come in a variety of colors and include a with and without sound option in an alternate shoe. No clicking off. Yeah. I will say that the invisiprims are oversized, but a few adjustments in the build editor and I got them down to more appropriate dimensions. Not a biggie and you may not even care :D. They have chain details and "bullet" dangles. Find them above the MANY lucky chairs in the shop.

The Through the Looking Glass hunt starts in a couple of days. This is the prize from Wondrous Strange. It is a cute settee in very Wonderland type patterns. The animation is great and there is a second seating area at the other end of the couch that is made for larger avatars (like guys :D). The default first sit is this one though so it favors the ladies -- as well it should. At only 13 prims, it will work for a lot of folks. You can read more about the hunt here.

As far as I know, PRISM is not in this hunt. Don't want to confuse you!

My hair is from Tiny Bird DSN samples. Poses by LAP.


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