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Blogger Appreciation Week :D

Callie Cline has called for a Blogger Appreciation Day which has now turned into a week. This is good. We all appreciate being appreciated.

Might I suggest (smile) that designers take a look back at the people who have blogged their items once, twice, TONS of times -- and let them know you appreciate it. I realize that many of you do that already. Some of you might have been a bit lax from time to time? If so, now you have a week to show you care.

At the top of my list -- if I were a designer -- would be the gals and guys who actually go out and spend there own lindens to show off your stuff. That's not me; I gather; I accept with a smile. I'll take a "thank so much" and be a happy gal.

Many of us spend countless hours -- sometimes obsessively I am sure -- finding the best, newest and yes deals of the day. We work on lighting and poses and locations and cropping and Photoshopping et al to make our finds (that's your stuff) look as good as they can.

Hopefully we love it or we wouldn't be doing it. And yes, it is fun to see ourselves all decked out, to take the pictures and think, "damn, I look good today". We want our readers to look good too and we want them to find the designers that they feel good about buying from.

Maybe the biggest thanks you can give us (and I'm not suggesting that you omit gifts - wink) is to simply keep on designing great stuff so that we can keep showing it to our readers.

That works!

Thanks Callie.


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