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Not So Basic Black

My DSN dropbox goodies of the morn fell somewhere between a favorite holiday present fest and a class reunion party. A couple of my favorite places were among the featured designers. I've been a fan of Kunstkammer for some time now. The Blackheart Necklace so definitely fit my mood this morning, I simply had to smile. With it came a version of the necklace for guys, a rosary bead bracelet (not shown) and these fun button eyes. They eyes come in versions with and without a facelight. I really love perusing the shop as it always seems to have some new fantastically creative accessory to enjoy. The full name of the shop is ".: Kunstkammer Architechtural and Metaphysical Salvage :.". Yep, that's it and the flavor of the name is echoed by the goods inside.

Along with the impressive sample gifts from Kunstkammer, came some new hair from Exile. This is Fastball in eclipse. Honestly? There is another hair in the pack, but I never got too it. I liked this SO much. The texture is a great salt and pepper color so you can call me prematurely gray if ya want. I don't care in the least. Beware -- especially if you have a slow connection or it is a BAD SL(R) day -- the prims take awhile to do their sculpty thing. Be patient; the wait is so worth it. The hair curves lovingly around the ears. I doubt my ears have ever looked so good. Perfect for earrings and I suspect it would be good for guys too. It may even BE guy hair - LOL. And yes, I will -- eventually -- try on the other style. Who knows? I might like it even more.

This is a close up of the Blackheart necklace from Kunstkammer . It seems to be a mixture of tarnished silver or pewter and a lighter silver metal. Lots of fun details in this cutie.

The jacket I am wearing is from Fashion Nomads; it works with or without the prim collar and is nice and long. This is definitely a wardrobe staple. The pants are from Clothes Horse.

I want to also mention that there was a lovely black teahouse from Beloved Custom Designs in my DSN dropbox. At only 20 prims, it fits in almost anyone's budget. (/me breaks into a wide grin.) The textures are very, very nice and it even has a skylight. It is designed with long pilings so it works well on uneven ground. The pilings and steps can sink into the ground as needed. If you aren't a DSN member or you simply want it now (wink), it is for sale for a very reasonable $100. And since it is black and definitely not so basic, it fits my theme of the afternoon nicely.

Poses by Vain and Glitterati.


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