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A Woman's Work

Is a woman's work really never done? Well if you have this fantastic new laundry set from Belle Belle, you might stay at the ironing board all day. Yes, there is an iron along with a very realistic ironing animation.

And if your partner gets excited about "working women" (wink) there is even an on-the-washer intimate animation built in. Yep, I tried it. Not much fun alone, but it looked to be engaging with a significant other along for the ride.

This is so much fun. The details are amazing. The clothes in the washer even twirl and one of the plastic tubs is realistically pulled out as if you had just been riffling through things. If your house has a place for a laundry set, this is definitely worth looking at. Be sure and take your honey along -- just to look; just to look; just to look.

Find this new release at these coordinates, not far from the entrance.

Design notes:

I'm heading out to the Bloggers Appreciation Week party soon -- and believe me, we feel VERY appreciated. Thanks again to everyone, including our fans.

So, dress code is simple hair, blue jeans, white tank, no shoes and yes --- prim eyelashes. I always have that "who is that girl feeling" without my lashes.

I feel a bit like a bride getting the something old, something new stuff, but thanks to this morning's post from Savoir Hair, I have a couple of my needs covered. From Exile's newish store, comes Cloe. It is fun and feminine and low prim. Be still my beating heart. Oh, and it comes in a plethora of shades and colors -- for FREE.

Find it, along with an older style for fems in the display above. As you can see there is plenty of guy hair also. And, as luck would have it, there are some very ripped "male" jeans as a gift too. I donned those, thank you very much, my favorite *old* tank from Total Betty, and made some navy blue socks (mostly as I seem to have an odd flesh on the cuffs issue of late and the dark blue covers it up - ah well, the adventure.)


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