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New Look!

So I spent the afternoon making a new look for Chic at Phil's Place. After well over a year it was time. This new format let's you see all the comments, a RSS feed view AND it let's you search.

So if you are looking for info on a certain designer or post from awhile ago, you can just type in the name and you get all the blogs with that designer mentioned. Handy for ME too. With almost 700 posts on this blog (the others were on SLC), I certainly couldn't find things easily.

Also, something you might not notice is that you can enlarge or shrink the type and make the page wider or narrower with a click or two. Look for the "A"s up there in the top right corner.

Hope this works better for you all. I like it and I think it is easier to read.

PS. Gold stars for getting the MM board at CS Fandango filled up. Go team. My gal friends thank ya.


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