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Style File: Lemania

I started to write "Lemania released a new outfit ...". This is true, but if you know your fashion even a little bit, you know that it is always true. The very cute Kate Bosworth Ethnic set shown above came out a week ago and I actually went over to scope it out. SL wasn't being kind to me that day however, and so I never made it out of the gray phase. Then this morning it was offered to members of one of the blogger groups. And, since there are so many of us, I wasn't planning on featuring it. I guessed that you would be seeing it here and there and I'm trying hard to find the "undiscovered" stuff out there for you.

Not long after that somewhat hasty decision I read a post on Shayariel's blog about the dress and agreed with her. I would definitely like to see more outfits like this coming from the castle and farm. So aside from a big thumbs up here, I decided to morph this post into something about "style".

Pose by Torridwear from her DSN set.


I am certainly no authority. All I have is a largish (I clean house a LOT in SL, even more often than RL) inventory and lots of practice. My choices certainly wouldn't be your choices, and that is the beauty of personal style. But I wondered about the many ways you could wear these pieces and which would feel the best -- for me.

So, I worked on a little experiment. I added the belt and leggings from the last (and my personal favorite) MALT group gift. Since I am trying to categorize my inventory, I decided to make that part of this process, disguising work as play I guess. I made it though my multi bangles and while I had several that would have worked, I found an old and very lovely set from Silent Sparrow, so that went into the mix. I made the scarf quite a bit smaller, and was thrilled that was a possibility. Yeah!

Hair by Exile. Pose by Vain.

In this version I traded the scarf for a necklace from WoE, the contrasting texture belt for a sculpty black number from *juelles* and boots for my Juicy slingbacks. I added a cute summer hat from ::69. This is another of my great new poses from Torridwear (DSN).

Whether you chose to wear this outfit straight from the box, or add your own touches, it is indeed fun. You can find it here at Lemania's.


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