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Perfectly -- Impressed

It's always fun to log on in the morning these days. My Designer Showcase Network dropbox is waiting for me with presents and adventures. And today I was simply blown away -- way far out away -- somewhere over the rainbow away! There was a huge gift box from Perfect Prefabs.

Now I am in an apartment, so I wasn't the perfect candidate for a prefab shop. The smart marketing people there realized that not everyone is a homeowner and also included some romantic presents for gift giving. Not only that, ALL of the sample gifts were transfer. As I opened the boxes I was totally amazed. Above is a forest glade with four poses. The textures are lovely, the plants seem real and while I was playing around taking this picture I discovered that clicking turns on the star particles. So magical! At nineteen prims it would work for many folks.

This mini waterfall environment was also in the giant promo pack. I added some extra flowers (yep, a whole pack of greenery and flowers were included separately) around the edges. The Tori gate is from Beloved Custom Designs along with the teahouse I mentioned in a previous post. That was a DSN gift also. Right now, I have the teahouse, gate, plants and these two outdoor areas from Perfect Prefabs all on a Benicia's 512 lot. I even have my studio up above and there are still 26 prims left over. Now that's exciting!

For the fashionistas in the bunch I have on my new hot pink version of DCNY's Jaana jacket and DCNY jeans. Love them both. Comfy and just warm enough for a summer night. I am also wear the special blogger earmuffs from Kiss This! Fun. My shoes are the black version of the chained heels from Shoe Fly. I showed ya a close up yesterday and you'll be seeing them again as they go with so much.

I went over to Perfect Prefabs and it is gorgeous. It is definitely going into my photo op landmarks. And I found they were part of the SL Discovery hunt and so I followed the footprints around and about and found the glass easily. So you hunters can have several reasons to come over. The prize pack is once again beyond generous and includes two multi-pose beanbag chairs (the other is beige with pink pillow), a selection of their plants and a 13 prim tree and seating area,. So what are you waiting for. Get over there, roam around and follow those black footprints!

Hair by Bryce. 2nd Pose by Vain, 3rd by Behavior Body.


Auntykuro said…
:D very cool -- i saw your post right after making mine, and now i am going to subscribe to that channel too ! thanks.

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