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Morning Adventures

One of the sample gifts I received from the Designers Showcase Network was a spice rack from Belle Belle. I expected it to be jars of herbs and such, but instead it was small potted plants with an herb chart. So cute. Now I was already in the Belle Belle camp and absolutely love their furniture and accessories. Should I "EVER" have enough prims to go mad, I could definitely spend a lot of Lindens there.

I went over this morning to see what was happening with the Midnight Mania boards. A lamp and rug -- part of the living room set -- is now up for clicking. It was locked down by 8 AM and as I was there the second board disappeared, so diligence is needed if you are still collecting. Obviously there are lots of folks that are (wink).

I found a note on the Neko Prince lucky board that there were more boards with shorter times at the "other" location. Well I didn't know there was another location so zipped over there. Among the goodies I found were love birds in a cage (so cute) and this great -- I mean great -- artist set up. The details are glorious and, if you were an artist you could put your own painting on top of the one shown in a gallery. I suspect this is a no mod item, but what's one more prim? The vendor box says it is animated but that wasn't working on this model. I had a brush still from my camping days, and a perfect pose from KALMIA, and you have this picture.

Along with more lovely household goods to view and two more Neko Prince lucky boards, there is also a different gift at this other location. A glowing firefly in a bottle. It turns out the other location is on the oposite side of the sim (wink) so you COULD walk if you wanted. Just look for the green dots.

Style Notes:

My outfit of the morn includes a pasley top from Callie Cline (part of a mash up) and a .:StoRin:. - Efemera Belt. Both were gifts for Blogger Appreciation week and are getting well used :D. I added the great jeans from last week's KOSH dollarbie, my Heartbreaker boots from Dark Eden's lucky chairs and hair from Tiny Bird's $1 hunt.


Terry Toland said…
I slid over to the second BB location this morning, but while there were the basic explanation boards for MMs, there were no MMs to be found. It's be helpful if someone could confirm that either they were moved/taken away or if SL hates me.
Chic Aeon said…
Hey Green Dream. The MM boards are still there but they are at the main store, not the fantasy store that this post was about. SLURL is: Hope that helps. Actually there are two MM boards at the fantasy location (where the painter stand and two lucky boards are) but they are empty at the moment. I am watching them thouhg :D Good luck. I was 85 of 100 this morning on the lamp and rug. It doesn't change until Monday or so. Plenty of time. Sorry for the confusion. I covered this better in earlier blogs.
Terry Toland said…
Argh, I'm such an airhead- I didn't read it thoroughly enough to realize you mentioned the DNS! And of course this morning, I get the BelleBelle gift. Thanks for your patience, Chic. ^^;

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