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Black Bird in the Sky

If I were to be a bird, I'd be a swallow -- swooping gracefully like a ballerina in the wind. The newest release by Ora Trei Designs is inspired by one of our feathered friends -- the raven. The feathers are wispy; they don't weigh you down. The scarf flows beautifully in the breeze and if you are very good at pretending, you can be a bird for just a little while.

I added some OTD Manhattan black boots. Midnight is a good time and a good color. It goes with so many things. Still, it was difficult to keep myself in the practical vein when there were so many unusual and luscious colors to pick from. So if your boot wardrobe isn't keeping up with your dresses and pants, you might want to take a look at some of those less than basic hues *wink*.

The top comes with and without feathers around the "V". Thin rolled cuffs finish off the short sleeves and there is a built in texture belt under the bustline.

Hair by Tiny Bird. Poses by LAP and Vago.

I showed you these Sorrow Swallow earrings from ROMP just a few days ago but how perfect are they for this outfit? So here they are again.

You might be wondering about my location for this shoot. It is my new skybox courtesy of the DSN dropbox and The Gentlemen Bastards.

From the notecard:
The Domicile Futurehome is a 30m x 20m, 41-prim glossy, curved-roof, fully-enclosed skybox designed specifically for lovers of Windlight presets. It's fully-modifiable, so if you don't need/want the windows you can simply remove the glass panes and close them up.

The Futurehome is ideal as a living space or a creative area, such as an art gallery. Rez it, and then take advantage of all those beautiful Windlight presets created by the likes of Torley Linden.
This is a great feeling space. Industrial and slightly futuristic it would make a good shop. I plan to use it out on the sandbox. It is mod/copy so there is no worry about losing it. It is completely enclosed, so getting in is a bit tricky (instructions are included) . The textures are very nice and the feeling of space is greatly enhanced by the triangle windows.

It will "fit" on a 512 lot if when used as a skybox and when not unlinked; no pictures on the window walls of course, furniture would need to be set in a bit. But your prims would all count on your land and I doubt your neighbor would mind if you are up at 1200 meters or so. A 1024 lot would be better of course. And if you have lots of prims to spare, what a great permanent work area.

At their shop I found tons of impressive looking skyboxes and prefabs at prices that had me smiling. The prim count and size is stated on the boxes. Different permissions apply so read those to get the type you need. Oh, the prices? The skybox shown above is $75 and appears to be the most expensive. Prices start at $20. There is even a 13 prim pirate arbor with poseballs for $1. Find it on an easel.

Me? I've got my eye on the Verdigris skybox for $50. I deserve a choice of great work areas *wink*.


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