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I Want!

If you took my hint from yesterday, you may already have this cute outfit from hO wEAr called I Want Candy -- free until 8 pm this eve. It comes with a peace sign sucker. Far away from yesterday's gift, but just as nice. Get there and don't forget to check tomorrow!

EDIT: Woops! I just realized that there is a skirt with this (wink). The database and I are NOT doing well this week. Not even close. Works as shorts too obviously.

Hair by Diversity, Shoes by MK Fashion, Pose by LAP.

Once again the French Farm gift for the week is great. Grab it here; you have a seven days to pick up The Lightness of Being. It comes with some very nice wedgie shoes -- a style that is sweeping the designers and that works for me. These pieces are good for mix and matching with other items. Add a sweater -- as a layer or a tied up accessory, your favorite shopping bag, some bangles? Lots of choices.

Hair by Shop Seu, Pose by LAP.

SOMETIMES -- you are just at the right place at the right time! I saw a post that Prim and Pixel Paradise had a nice white cowboy hat as a gift for a day. Good for guys too I bet. Anyway, following the SLURL in their blog post got me to a vacant lot and a "we've moved" sign. Being the intrepid gatherer I ventured onward. I found myself at a lovely new store complex -- much easier to get around in that the other. SO much easier (wink). Tons of folks were tping in around me. This was one popular hat.

I'm guessing most of the folks were from a group notice and were coming in to pick up this really cute outfit called Wild Side. It is in the main entrance and then to the left on the wall. Follow the crowd :D

There are also tons of other free items scattered around. I'll just let you look. And don't forget that white hat that started it all. Find it in --- the hat store. Well natch.

Hair by HOH. Pose by LAP.


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