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Wilted Roses

This lovely gown from hO wEAr is called Pink Gown Chained -- not the wilted roses in my title :D. Still there is something sadly beautiful and lingering about this gown -- to me at least. I love the dark tan with the deep dusty rose. An unlikely coupling perhaps, but it really works for me.

The gown comes with trimmed nylons and optional chains for breast and bustle. The chains are small and delicate and do nothing to distract from the lace. Rather they accompany it. The top comes with or without straps. This is really my favorite item from hO wEAr so far. There is a great diversity there and while the name implies a naughtiness that is sometimes present in the designs, that is by no means the extent of this designers talents.

The poses are by LAP from my DSN dropbox this morning. At least two of the sample gifts -- the ones shown here -- are going into my favorite poses folder :D

Happy girl doing happy dance. Oh yes, I forgot to mention. You'll be happy too as this dress is free. Find it on the wall for the next few days until HeidiHo changes out the freebie. There is another outfit also, so if you find it first, this one is most likely still there.

Hair with hair sticks from The Stringer Mausoleum.

Smiles ~~


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