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A Home of Your Own

Inside the Coldwater camper.

The Home, Garden and Patio Expo 2009 is on for a few days. Tons to see if you have an ample amount of prims and lindens. Not everything is house sized, there are smaller items too. But for those of us who are prim and / or Linden challanged, I have a couple of free alternatives.

Fashion credits: I picked up the lingerie last night at LA Couture. Find it on the front desk by the entrance in a gift box. A camisole, garter belt, panties and nylons are included in the present.

The ohsocute apron comes from Hell Bop. It is in a gift box on a stool not far from the entrance. Shoes by Juicy. Hair from Bewitched.

The photo above shows and oldie but goodie. You can see it here; just touch for your own copy. You can visit the Tooter Claxton store to see more items like this -- many of them free.

If you like the idea of mobile, but want something a bit more modern, you can get this camper trailer from the Coldwater Wilderness area. Versions include a furnished model (112 prims) and unfurnished (73 prims); both are free. There are other fun camping builds in the store including tents.

Other home news:

If you are collecting the Midnight Mania living room set from Belle Belle, the smaller of the two couches is now out. I have mine. You go get yours (wink). The animations are really nice! And while you are there, pick up this month's gift - a juice set with pitcher, glasses and many prims of details. Find it between the Midnight board and the Neko prince Lucky Boards. Click on a box, take a one question survey and it is yours. VERY nice.


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