Sunday Update

Sorry, no photos today but here is a bit of an update.

The hunt dra-ma behind me, (see previous post if you missed that), I was extremely pleased to learn that I was accepted as a vendor once again for MadPea. This next hunt sounds great and is about love and alchemy and magical stuff. I am glad I was accepted as I've been working on a great prize *wink* and not sure just what I would have done with it had I not been. Ah that creative spark.

From the little I read it sounds like this one is going to be even harder than the last. Happily the hot shots in the group are willing to help us not so great hunters. 

My new renovated warehouse with city surround is looking so spectacular, I am thinking about buying the adjoining land currently abandoned and in "maintenance" mode so that I can move my shop into it. It is BIG for a 2048 lot -- probably bigger than I need, but I am in love.

Since the Love Potion 9.9 hunt begins January 1 I will be waiting until after that is over for my big move. This assuming LL will sell that land. I have heard they will, so we'll see. I don't want to move. While "I" flitter around a lot, my shop has been in the same place for three years or so and I'd like it to stay there.

So that's my news. Sorry there wasn't enough time left in the day for a pretty picture.