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Morning Shadows

Still loving the Newport Beach house from COLLABOR88, I give you Lavina, one of the new hair releases from EMO-tions. Along with the weekend hair release comes good news: more hair colors. This is my favorite, autumn. New hair packs include four colors for the same price as a single. Yeah!

My appropriately color themed attire is the {le fil casse} claudia mesh dress in sketchy blue. This simple, not too short (thank you), sheath as my mom use to call them comes in a big variety of colors and patterns. I loved the "sketchy" ones with their carefree look and top stitching. This came to me via Cosmopolitan Sales Room, so check for it there too later; nothing available as I type.

There is a story about the cute desk in the background. It is from Cheeky Pea and called the Bruine Desk.  It comes with  many many animations, some with props. This I figured out. I didn't know it was multiple texture change until I visited the shop and read the vendor info. Sometimes I am just plain dense!

The story behind this desk is the personal challenge from Isla to herself to make something "really low prim". She may have actually said "land impact"; I suspect we will be using those terms interchangeably for awhile. Anyway, I gave her my personal award for Queen of Low Impact. The whole set (yes, the whole set) weighs in at ONE.

And that's my very early morning news.

Poses by: the chair and aDORKable


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