Rewind 2011

There IS some brand new goodness in this post, mixed in with the theme.

It is 2011.

Now we didn't have mesh then so my slacks as well as my newly released Short Rolled Neck Sweater from SLC (lots of colors to be had of course) wouldn't have been around. The midriff baring topper is very nicely textured and happily for me, not terribly busty *wink*. So I'll be hanging around in this for awhile.

What was around? This skin. It is from Tuli. Remember Tuli? She's been gone a very long while, but she has returned and is releasing a new skin on the 26th. That's all I really know, but I wanted to say welcome back.

I also found it quite interesting that while she has been gone for-e-ver in SL terms, there are currently 4278 members still in her group. Now some of those folks don't log in any longer I am sure, but I bet there was a big contingent hoping for a return. Well, it's here.

 I got out some vintage hair to go with this post. Actually this isn't an unusual look for me; it is very close to my Aditi grid garb. My inventory there was left over from Learn Avatar days (oh my) and so I am wearing Tuli skin and Calico Ingmann hair there daily.

This wintery bench complete with ice, cardinal and on-off snow is the [CIRCA] prize on the Cold Winter Nights Hunt.

Pose by: Vista Animations and the bench