Love Potions

Love Potion 9.9, the latest MadPea hunt, starts tomorrow. I won't be showing you the goodies which I am sure will be impressive; the hunts have gotten too hard for me and this one will be tougher than the last. The REAL hunters (and I say that with all respect) will love it as mysteries abound.

What I can do is give you a tiny sneak peak at the starting locale. Gorgeously romantic it is also very laggy (3.6 fps with shadows on for me) so turn down what you can and be prepared to walk slowly if you are among the first hoards to unravel the story.

Later note: I heard from one of the organizers that the lag issues will all be taken care of by the time the hunt begins. So no worries. 

It is heartfelt tale with a little witchery in the form of alchemy thrown in. One of the new hair releases from EMO-tions (YUKI) paired with an older role play outfit from the same shop  form an appropriate show and tell outfit. I also got to wear my new Tuli skin with RED eyebrows!

I know more than I can tell; mums the word. But I can let you know that you will be looking for fifteen DIFFERENT (see, I said it was harder) prize objects. So you will need to figure out what the object is, and also where to find it. The item at my shop is TINY. I have no idea about the others. The story does seem to have a happy ending, judging from the end game locale :D.

This is the prize from my shop; an alchemist's work area. If the mystical nature doesn't go with your style, you can always use the cabinet on its own later.

Wishing you happy hunting!

Poses by: Diesel Works