In the News

* Vanity Hair has a new style out called Damaris. It is a big hair for big (not necessarily of stature) gals. Some of us will remember this "bubble" style from many decades ago. Tabata's version is an updated look which would look great on the runway. Even better, there are all new hair textures!!! AND new colors -- at least I seem to be noticing new names in the hair list *wink*. Zip over and take a look.

* Yesterday by accident I found out about a shopping area over at the Cosmopolitan Club. There are stores to peruse and of course dancing abounds. What may be the most interest to you, my dear readers, are the exceptionally nice offerings in the all in one area sales room. Nicely designed, it is easy to see the products. Two are shown here, the ILAYA Roll Neck Body suit with absolutely the nicest rigged mesh turtleneck I have seen (perfect under jackets and ponchos) and the +Divinity+ Sinner's necklace (guy version available and they are resize). There are also group gifts from the holidays by the desk in the sales room. A hunt is on until mid month.

Pose by: Vista Animations