Empty Spaces

There is something about empty spaces.  The light, the patterns, the energy. There is nothing to clutter the view or our perceptions of it. I have lived in a fair number of empty houses -- at least for awhile. When you move with what you can carry in your car, it comes with the territory. I never felt lacking. I enjoyed the emptiness; and, over time, I filled the spaces with things I loved.

Trompe Loeil has a new lodge out -- exclusively for FaMESHed. It is a roomy space, suitable for forest, prairie or snowlands. Reading between the lines over the last few years, you may have come away with the idea that I prefer small abodes. Indeed, that is true and one reason why the little house in the background made its way into this shot *wink*. Still available for a few days at COLLABOR88, I wanted to give it another plug :D.

Even though this is not my personal style, I recognize that it is likely perfect for MANY of you, one reason realtors seem to sell 3,000 square foot houses to single folks. My favorite parts of this new release are the windows and the textures. Redwood mixes with Cedar in a Northern California look. That's just my take of course, the "bones" of the house are reminiscent of Colorado. And it might be right at home in Germany -- what do I know really? We each have our visions and in our virtual world they can often become reality.

The vendor for the Foxtail Lodge mentions five rooms, but I seem to think there are seven *wink*. All about perspective. The arches are lovely and there is a impressively scripted home control menu which even includes options if your are renting.

So drop by FaMESHed when the crowds die down a bit and see if this might be your new home.

My outfit is a casual favorite from PARADISIS with lassitude & ennui boots.

Pose by: aDORKable