Heads UP - DON'T log in

The All Clear has been sounded  (5pm), but check that status page anyway as we know that sometimes all clear can only mean "we think we are OK" and then we go backwards. 
My inventory did load some more. It is still "lite" but I won't know if or what disappeared until I go to look for it *wink*. Still only a few hundred things and maybe I just thought I had more :D.

So it is VERY VERY bad in SL right now (3 pm ish) and apparently has been that way for awhile.

I have played two games of Scrabble while waiting for my inventory to load. Since I have already had three major inventory losses in my lifetime, I am not comfortable with the scenario. I am definitely not willing to log out with only part of  my inventory though *wink*. So about 3000 more items to go. Typing in a new search term every now and then sometimes helps.

DAMN. It is stuck at 3000 or so LESS than what I should have. And "no" they don't always (or even often) come back :D. This isn't a cache issue.

So if you aren't in world, don't log in guys. VERY MESSY.

Check the status page before journeying into Wonderland.

PS. You know in the REALLY olden days they used to put out a worldwide note through the viewer when things were bad. A blue dropdown box would tell you that you shouldn't rez or buy or maybe try to move LOL. I guess the world is too big for that now :D.  

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    # by Serena Snowfield - January 8, 2013 at 3:14 PM

    Glad to know it isn't just me... but worried because I've already logged in and out several times. Thanks for the heads up, though!