In the Comfort of Friends

There is newness over at The Mens Dept.  By now we all know that you don't need a Y chromosome to shop there. True, the mesh clothes won't fit *wink*, but there are plenty of great unisex items. I often run into other gals there. From Cheeky Pea we have the Kraken Dart Board which comes in three woodgrain choices. It's the Brits Canadians (sorry, not awake) against the Yankies I assume from the hints on the darts. There are places where you can add your own photos -- unfaithful lovers; you get the idea.

The dart board weighs in at 2 land impact, which is impressive -- except that I am getting smarter about mesh every day and that seemed too much judging by CP prior releases. Ya know what? ALL those numbers as well as the metal dividers are "prims", not just textures. Oh my!  So now I will clap a bit as that IS impressive.

The chair in my photo is from The Courtyard Hunt where you can do a quick circle of the sim shops and come away with many nice goodies. The seating complete with foot rest hales from Dreamscapes Art Gallery.

This is another spectacular prize from one of the Courtyard merchants, Spargel & Shine Homes.

There are hunt stores outside the courtyard complex too. One of my personal favorite prizes is a set of garden textures from Texture Junction. I have a project going on that the flora will be perfect for. There is also a lovely icy birdbath with birds and a watering can from CIRCA. I will show you that soon.

Pose by: the chair