A New Year

It feels good to make a folder entitled 2013. It has a place right below 2012 in my Explorer listings. Last year was a good one and I expect 2013 to be even better.

I am sitting here in the blueness and the snow; two more months of quiet bliss with clear skies -- then who knows where I will be. My dining set is the [CIRCA] - "Winter in Paris" - Breakfast Set for in-world group members only.  We all know how notices go astray so if you are part of the group (currently closed to new members) be sure and stop by the shop where it will be out until the 12th. There are other specials and hunt items to be had at [CIRCA], some I have already told you about. So peruse the posters as you enter the store.

May 2013 be our best year yet.

Poses by: the chair