The State of the Nation

Sorry, Blogger "ate" my post again during the night. Luckily a reader let me know and I rescued it for resurrection. 

OH NO! This is one of those pictureless post! Yep, it is.

If you've been hanging around over the last almost five years, you know that I try very hard to post every day. I take a break now and then and I think my record is five posts in one day (oh my!). But -----

Well you knew that was coming. With lots of things on my plate and kinda giving up on the many hunts which have honestly been disappointing and not worth my effort, I find myself scrambling to have enough to show you. Lots of clothes designers seem to be on vacation; some mesh stuff just really doesn't fit; some items are so not my style -- you get the idea.

As bloggers we try to entertain as well as inform, so having enough items to "make a look" is important. I never want to find myself just showing you pseudo vendor photos of the new shoe release from XYZ etc.

So, keep the faith. Know that I am hear and willing do do my job when I have something to pass along to you. I suspect -- since tomorrow is the 8th -- that will be soon *wink*. But just in case you were wondering, that's the state of the blogger nation from my corner of the world.