Room 326

People have been disappearing from the Silent Peacock Hotel. Room 326 is the key. Your job as investigators will be to find fifteen letters that once belonged to the missing guests.

That is NOT an easy job *wink*. Prepare to spend some time looking and know that you can get help by joining the group. What group -- well MadPea of course. This  is the latest Legend of the Month, a point and click adventure (fee) with some very nice prizes if you have the willingness to hunt down all fifteen letters.

The starting point is nicely crafted and I was very impressed with the down-pouring rain.

This is a good hunt for the fellows as there are plenty of manly goods to be had. One of my personal favorite prizes is this hotel cart from Never Totally Dead... who has two other great prizes for you.  This bloody jeans outfit is from Just Because and the sneakers hale from Death Row Designs.

This desk with a choice of poses comes from Boudoir and along with at least one other prize is no copy. So when you get to the end game you might want to press the "show me the money" button a couple of times. This, if you are like me and feel insecure without a backup item.  The hoodie in this shot is one of several prizes from REDRUM.

This is a murder mystery after all but happily not all the prizes are bloody. This furniture set from Mesh Depot DOES have cobwebs and a bloody handprint as part of the decor but I artfully turned the screen around and place the very pretty bust from The Cube on top. The vase is color change, a nice bonus.

This is a good hunt with great prizes including many not shown here. But beware, it is not for the faint of heart. Join the group to get help when needed; help the next person who has been at the same spot for hours. The last stop, MadPea Base is a killer (not literally but it is VERY hard). So Twisted hunters will revel in the difficulty :D. Go forth. Get some stuff.

Pose by: the chair and Image Essentials (part of the hunt prize pack)