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That View Thing

Our world keeps getting richer. Details abound. And in my mind, that's a good thing.

Just out (yes, late again but he beat Hucci ) for COLLABOR88, Barnesworth Anubis gives us the sodermalm skybox with optional view. It is a modern lofty place with 18 meter walls, tall enough to add a loft if you need it. The skybox proper is 16 x 26, fitting on a 512 and weighs in at 25 land impact for two big rooms and a fireplace.  If you want the view (and of course you do), you'll need a 64 x 64 meter parcel and 45 "prims".

The view is again "real" with a distinct California look -- to me anyway. I can see myself in Santa Barbara or somewhere close by.

Now, I am betting you noticed my new pony tail. If memory serves correctly, I wore something similar in my youth. I doubt it looked this good. I am SURE it wasn't this long and full. As a bonus, you can wear the main section of the hair with bun separately. So from fun filled day to posh event in the evening; all you need to do is detach that pony!  Pick up this new release at Vanity Hair. Look for "Candice".  

Pose by: aDORKable


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