Mardi Gras

Now my title might not seem to fitting for the accompanying photo, but hang in there. A story is unfolding.

Mine was an exceptionally great day in the virtual world. At the top of my personal list, I had an wonderfully pristine and best-ever bake on my mesh project (only mesh designers will care, but they will nod in understanding). Lots of other things added in the mix including the arrival of some new releases from K-CODE.   Now there is a very cute schoolgirl outfit behind these boots, but let's get honest here. You will be wanting the outfit because it coordinates with these BOOTS!  *wink*  I was all dressed in red an black (another of the color combo choices)  when I had an important thought.

And that leads me to --- the rest of the story.   Some dra-ma entered my virtual world this morning. I shy away from that part of our realm when at all possible. The story doesn't really matter, but the end result is that I either left or was removed from (point of view) the current Bourbon Street hunt which started today.  A few folks got my $2 prize, but then it was no longer in the hunt. I worked more than a day on this "momentoes" prize which weighs in at 1 land impact for everything you see. (Those are real beads by the way, not a texture :D). So, I hated for it to just disappear. Instead I put it out for sale with other past hunt prizes. It's a secret but it is still the $2 it was meant to be.

I have a note at the door explaining that I am no longer in the hunt, so most folks will just scurry along, but for those of you reading the blog that might want a very nice Mardi Gras prop, you know where to find it.

And THAT's why I switched from red and black to green and purple!

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    # by Anonymous - January 20, 2013 at 8:47 AM

    So sad that this happened, but thank you for your generousity in selling it... it's lovely!