Getting Cosy

Once the scary database issues were over yesterday, I did a little decorating Cheeky Pea style. I made it over to COLLABOR88 late last eve, but after a few minutes all was still gray -- so I'll be a patient gal and just lounge in the new releases from Isla Gealach. This also gives me a chance to show you more of the Newport Beach house from Tromple Loeil. I am a sneaky gal.

The Cheeky Pea release for COLLABOR88 includes both furniture and decor items for living or family room areas. Low land impact reigns of course. The couch is packed full of animations for single, couples and friends including a huge variety of you and your computer animations. There is also an adult version of both couch and chair.

My personal favorites are the photo shelf and decor items. You can add your own photos to the paintings. That's me at least a winter ago in a sim that no longer exists. Memories are good. And here's a tip. If you are short on prims, you can link two book stacks together and the two "1 prim" objects (actually .5 land impact) will switch from 2 to 1. Handy.

That's my morning report. Saving the html just in case Blogger does another rollback (sigh).

Pose by: the couch