Midnight in the City

A new bed by Trompe Loeil. There are texture choices of course; woods and PG or adult animations. I went for neutral; what can I say -- I am NOT boring, just understated. This is actually an updated version of a previous design; this one features an  array of linen options. Who doesn't like new sheets now and then?

This is one romantic bed, perfect for next month's holiday.

My backdrop is the renovated warehouse I've been working on. It needs a roof yet -- or does it really? I am liking the night sky open above me.

I will undoubtedly add a roof since very few folks want to live in the open air. Me? I am thinking this works *wink*.

I am going to leave myself lounging here and perhaps both Chic and the typist will have exceptionally sweet dreams.

Pose by: the bed