Lazin' Part One

A little of this, a little of that -- and a two part post so stay tuned for the morrow.

Shown here a new Four Walls hunt prize from Trompe Loeil. Not quite out yet, but you know the drill. There aren't too many photos of the goodies to be found, but this one is a real winner. There is also a Trompe Loeil shelf in the Cold Winter Nights hunt. Very cute, I don't have that to show you (OR the delivery service went amok as they often do). I have to smile as I remember that LAST year, I spent a very long time looking for a Trompe prize. I understood  -- or so I thought -- the hint, but FINDING? Didn't happen. We do know that I'm not the best of hunters.

Also in this post are the Cold Winter Nights prize from Paradisis (sorry map isn't working for me), and the cute Linda hair from Amacci. The great new boots which I will show you up close and personal tomorrrrrroooow, are from lassitude & ennui for L'accessories.

OK. Trompe Loeil, Paradisis, Amacci, lassitude & ennui. Got it?  Good.

Pose by: the lounger