That Mesh Thing Yet Again

I listened in on a multi-person chat this morning, a merchant group that I belong to and that you can't see in my profile so it's safe to mention *wink*. I kept my mouth shut and listened. The theme was balancing quality (yes that's a quote) with prims. Note that the term "land impact" wasn't used.

The premise of those voicing there opinions was that you needed prims in order to keep the quality of a product. Now, my dear readers, YOU know better. Week after week I show you some spectacular designs that are nearly prim free. How low can you go? Well the answer is one land impact.

We are moving into a new age in SL, the age of mesh. There is no point hiding from it, it is here. I went though my inventory in a cursory way this morning -- looking for items that I might pass along to a friend that had just bought this little house from POST on the Cold Winter Nights hunt. While most of my inventory is from review copies, I have purchased items over the last year and some hunt prizes are transfer. I found some things, pulled them out and then shook my head. Most of them were way to "primmy" to be used on a small lot.

When you can have beauty and functionality for a very few land impact points versus a dresser say that is 27 -- whatchagonna pick? 

Now I haven't seen a lot of blogage on this great hunt prize and I have to admit I am a bit surprised. It is just spectacular. It isn't the lowest of the low land impact wise, but 22 or 25? That works pretty much for anyone and it is beautifully detailed.

It was difficult for me not to chime into the discussion this morning. The idea that you couldn't possibly have decent furniture for one or two "prims" - LOL. But sometimes keeping quiet and listening is more instructive than joining the fray.

So here's to the designers who are doing their best to give you more for your "prim" allowance no matter the size of your plot. May they continue to to make an impact on our world.

My outfit is ancient and the designer long gone from the grid. I do have a few oldies but goodies left in my closet. Memories are a good thing.

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    # by Xia Nishi - January 30, 2013 at 1:53 AM

    Right! You talked me into running out after that little house. Thanks Chic!

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    # by Anonymous - January 30, 2013 at 1:57 AM

    If you like low land impact with items that fit well with the more medieval Post items, check out a brand called "Dysfunctional Designs"... they definitely knock that misconception about low prims out of the water! I doubt they have anything over 5 prims... and they have at LEAST 100 items.