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Between Jobs

Between hither and yon I am. Homeless, I set up in my favorite sandbox to find that the return time had changed drastically. So --- 

You remember the Lavender Hills Hunt that I posted on last week? Well here are some more goodies that you can find. Happily, you still have time. This chair complete with a big selection of very nice animations -- most of which actually FIT hard to fit me is from Senzafine: Curiosities & Accoutrements. This is sure to find a great use when I get moved over to my new (and very public) home *wink*.

My blouse is from evenflow (sorry the name has a dot in there but that keeps the link from working) and comes in standard sizes.

Lots of fun are the posters from *ionic*, all framed and shadowed and ready for hanging. This Bunny Chair from [Breno]  definitely fits in the young at heart category!

So get out there and find some lavender goodness.

Poses by: the furniture


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