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Skin Fair - Izzie's - Asia

I was admittedly very impressed by Izzie's Harlow skin. I am even more impressed by Asia the new release for Skin Fair (opens the 15th).

Changing swim and foot wear from my previous Izzie's post, I was headed out for another beach. Then there was the sky and the clouds and my new hair from Dura and I just stayed and enjoyed the moment.

We each have our criteria for what makes a good skin. For me it is the absence of seams, fit, overall rendering excellence and photogenic quality. Asia and Harlow both fit the bill. Harlow has more extras than Asia and one may fit you better than the other; trying both demos is always a good plan. Each vendor is clearly marked with what is in each pack. The darkest and lightest versions of Asia have fewer skins included; some things just don't work well at the far ends of the tonal scale. 

I want to add a little op ed line here on the Skin Fair and skins in general. As I was trying on skin demos last eve it was very apparent -- to me anyway -- that some designers had gone overboard with the demo demarcations and brandings. Some skins were so covered with lines and logos I had no way to judge the skin at all. I certainly wouldn't have bought it from those demos. Sometimes protecting yourself needs to be tempered with realism. 

My swimsuit is from Serina Lacava (SLC). Hair from Dura at Fashion for Life.

Poses by: aDORKable


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