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Steam 8 - The Lost World

It's that time again; a time to get steamy. This hunt's theme is The Lost World; an Indiana Jones vibe for sure judging by the prizes I picked up today. I don't have time to do the whole hunt this month, but I do have time to dabble. So off I went in search of goodies.

I didn't make too many stops but was extremely pleased to find some stellar accessories in the mix. A happy gal, I'll give you the run down on a few don't miss spots.

First is the backpack from Roawenwood. Gorgeous textures and a good fit (sizes for guys and petites too). Lots of "stuff" adds to my pleasure.

The gun isn't actually part of the hunt prize, it is the prop you can pick up right next to the hunt sign at  Arcadia Asylum Living Library Makazi. Hunt gifts include a super cute shoulder pet (animated) and a humongous train and car that works on the SL railway.

Also in the I'm so glad I found this category is a set of super nice accessories from Hudson's Clothing Company. The prize includes a leather hat, neck scarf and beautifully crafted belt with knife.

I went out looking for an appropriate and photogenic locale and found myself in Steampunk (the sim). Lots to see and plenty to explore, it is on the hunt trial with a 8 stop mini hunt. No time for that this eve, but  while I was gazing into the distance ----

I found this lovely sim which I simply must explore soon, Hypatia.

Corset by BiTcH Tail, hair by Amacci and my great boots that I am so happy to have a chance to wear by lassitude  & ennui.

Poses by: LAP (nla)


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