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Don't Shoot Me Please

Don't shoot me please, but yes this is again another Pose Fair 2013 post. The good news is that pose fair is now OPEN so you can go shop for yourself.

Honestly I can remember sighing at 5286 Hair Fair post with "look this is me in XYZ's new hair". Well it isn't all that bad, is it? Honestly I admire the posemakers immensely and want to feature everyone I can.

These are poses from Not the monkey bars which I am sure you will have already seen. I didn't want the more regular poses to get overshadowed by the prop -- even though it is very cute and I have added it to the park at MOSP *wink*.

These poses are from the Profile and Sweet.Sour pose sets. Simple, natural and immanently usable.

My outfit is from SLC. See this morning's post for all the info you need. 

Poses by: at Pose Fair 2013


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