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More Steam Please

More goodness from the Steam8 Hunt folks. While I found quite a few great (and keeper) items, I am showing you my two favorites. This first is from Cedar Bay Furnishings who I visited precisely because of the great gifts from other years.  No disappointments here; this Expedition Luggage Table comes with a rezzer that lets you add the props that you want. I have shown all here except for the specimen dinosaur or whatever which didn't work for me (that reptile thing :D).  Many of the items give you wearables when clicked. And when not in use you can close the lid and have a stack of suitcases. That works too!

My personal favorite items of today and perhaps of the whole hunt, is this typewriter whose paper trails go way beyond my photo frame *wink*. So much fun and of course the paper is moving out of the typewriter -- you just can't see that.  This is one of 7 (I never found 3 and perhaps it is missing as the hint that was supposed to be three went to 4) items on a mini hunt at the Joy of Steampunk museum. I missed that hunt last time, but enjoyed it very much today.

Lots of great things to be found including many vehicles!  This typewriter is from Rebeca Bashly. While I certainly knew her artwork; I had no idea she had items on the Marketplace. There is also a really fun flying ship from Rebeca as another prize on the mini tour.

I am determined to find a place at the new LEA7 sim for this. It is wonderful.

You can read my first installment on the Steam8 hunt here and find links to the accessories I am wearing.

Poses by:  Diesel Works, aDORKable


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