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Missed Connections

I'm late - I'm late!

I've had this outfit from AD Creations in my inventory for a few days not realizing it was time sensitive. Auto accept is a good thing on the whole; things don't go missing as often. But the info that comes with many delivery services never gets to me. This happens a lot these days and something that designers as a whole should be aware of. If there is no notecard and no group notices to review, bloggers are often lost. What is this for? Where can it be found? and such.

Doing some research via Google I found that this was on special at Fashion for Life. Well that is no longer with us but perhaps this Tribute to Galliano outfit is in the main shop now. It is impressive in its bizarreness -- and I mean that in a two thumbs up way. I can definitely see this in film *wink*.

Now to be fair there are many sizes of pants but I had to find a shape and then adjust it to fit this outfit. I was definitely taken with the design so went to the extra effort.  TRY A DEMO for sure; always good advice.

I had planned to take photographs tonight at that great sim I found at the beginning of the month. Alas, I went there and it is being dismantled. Very little was left. 

So there is a lesson here. Grab things while you can -- they may disappear.

Pose by: Diesel Works


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