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Daybreak with Blue Moon

It's daybreak at the new medieval section at MOSP LEA7-- opening officially tomorrow but I am taking most of the day off as I am finished with my work.   Stop by sometime and see over twelve new areas open for photography and machinima.

Now that we've dispensed with the shameless plug, let's talk about the latest Medieval Fantasy Hunt.

I went on the hunt primarily for props for this area, and props I did find. This very pretty well and the garden stall and baskets are all from the hunt. I'm not going to give you a complete rundown of what is where since my tastes may be different than your. I will tell you  that this dress as well as a set for the guys is from Blue Moon Enterprise.  And -- wait for it -- the very large and VERY nice building in the top photo, now a tavern at MOSP, is ALSO from Blue Moon Enterprise. I didn't put that together until just now. Wow!

I went back to check the shop and sure enough it was a tricky one, but fun. Easy if you READ THE HINT on the blog or from the hint giver out front of the shop.

There are some great prizes on this hunt and it is definitely worth doing if this time period intrigues you. There were some very nice stores that I suspect had lovely gifts; alas I did not find them. And yes, I looked hard.

Sometimes the hints made no sense to me. There were a few shops that I remembered never finding things in before and once again that proved true.

And to be fair there is a fairly large proportion of prizes that are "back in time" and not in a good way :D. Any piece of furniture with a pose ball goes into my trash immediately. So realize that you will likely be tossing some items. Again, my likes and your likes may not merge.

Hair by: EMO-tions
Poses by: BehaviorBody from the new Editorial 2 pose set


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