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California Bungalow

When I heard about the Challenge for Builders I was intrigued. Not enough to dust off my hammer and nail pouch, but definitely enough to show you some of the great things they have come up with. Each month is a new theme determined by some random generator. It's good to get outside our comfort zones now and then.

This month it's the "California Bungalow" which congers memories of the 1960s maybe?

Wikipedia defines the style as:
Bungalows are 1 or 1½ story houses, with sloping roofs and eaves with unenclosed rafters, and typically feature a gable (or an attic vent designed to look like one) over the main portion of the house. Ideally, bungalows are horizontal in massing, and are integrated with the earth by use of local materials and transitional plantings. This helps create the signature look most people associate with the California Bungalow.
It looks like the style came into being at the turn of the last century and had a resurgence in the 1990's. Well "I" was off by a few decades either way.

The items shown here are just part of a big selection for the Challenge from Cleo Design. The animations in the furniture are loads of fun with the middle photo showing a push-up sequence. I dare you not to smile! The veranda is part of the release. Add it to your existing house for Springtime living.

The tea cart table is from  L'aize Dayz  and works perfectly with the oh so pretty tea set.

And yes, I did change clothes! Yeah! This is a fairly recent release from 1 Hundred. My pants are another color of the harem capris from SLC. Earrings (don't you love them) are unbelievably old, most likely from a hunt and undoubtedly not available :D.  Happy I got to wear them again.

Poses by: the furniture


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