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Why I Blog

The question of why we blog, how we blog, and how we see ourselves as a bloggers seems to be coming up a lot of late. Partly because of what I believe was the "patient zero" post here. I also had a blogger coordinator for an upcoming and well looked forward to venue contact me for my thoughts on blogging events. So the theme is in the ethers for sure.

I am coming up on post 3000 soon. Did, when I started, even think I would be blogging this long? Well, I actually didn't think about it. I was just out of the pod. I was asked. I liked it. True I had blogged in real life, but the virtual world was new to me. When I began blogging long ago, there really weren't review copies, blogger boxes or blogger support groups. There weren't all that many of us and a large number of us started out with or joined iheartsl when it was a group blog, before it became a feed.

I paid my dues, blogging free stuff, going on hunts and the like. My posts were horrible if we judge them by today's standards, but back then -- five years ago -- they were pretty good. I got to know designers over time and slowly -- very, very slowly -- a review copy might come my way. I was thrilled.

I was thinking about those days when I unpacked the latest Trompe Loeil treehouse. There WAS an earlier version of that build -- well the idea anyway. I remember it WELL because it was the first blogger gift I received from Cory Edo. I had gone to her sim, so in love with the fountains which she had made free for awhile (and which I still have and am using in the Corporate Headquarters set at MOSP) and done a post on her designs. The treehouse was a thank you gift of sorts.

I have a lot of fond memories along that line; I wouldn't give them up.

My inventory is currently around 30,000 -- partly because I cleaned it down to 15,000 awhile back; partly because I often delete things after I blog them (yes, sorry I do) and also I keep fatpacks in boxes with ONE hair out and the vendor photo. Then again there are Chandra's goodie boxes; if I didn't just keep the fatpack boxes I would have an inventory around 40,000 (not an exaggeration).

If designers stopped sending things would I just buy them instead? If you've been reading my blog for awhile -- you know the answer to that. I DO buy things but not often and mostly not wearables. I have a fantastic wardrobe right now that is so high class it would easily last me a couple of years before it needed upgrades :D.

I blog because I love taking pictures, I love seeing what others have made, I love LEARNING from what others have made and I love sharing it all with you.

So I'll be seeing you at post 3000 and most likely way beyond.

Poses by: no poses were used in the post. This is a "sticky" in my template :D


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