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I am here at the rose garden at MOSP with color coordinated attire, even if skimpy.  The stone gazebo with rose trellis is my personal favorite of The Medieval Fantasy Hunt and comes from Forest Feast, a place where I took so very many photos in my youth. It comes with gently trickling fountain. I made a place for it in the greenery section and added roses that I found on another hunt at Forest Feast; perhaps another MFH -- I can't remember. The very lovely bushes that adorn the sides are from CIRCA, part of the Parisian skybox I showed you earlier. Happily they were a separate part of the build. They look so perfect in this setting.

My poses are from grafica, part of Pose Fair 2013 which will be happening very soon. There are plenty of poses to choose from at grafica. My favorites were these simple stances which I will happily be adding to my "stance" folder. Sometimes you really just need a non-complex but natural pose and these fit the bill nicely. grafica poses handily come with mirrors.

My very very pink undies set is a group gift at PARADISIS. Nine other colors are available for purchase. While I personally don't care *wink*, these come with Tango appliers.

Poses by: grafica at POSE FAIR 2013


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