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Washin' Up

Bound to be a BIG hit, this Solent outdoor shower from Cheeky Pea for FaMESHed comes in three wood tones. Actually, my personal favorite is the dark wood, but this light gray weathered version went perfectly with the Newport Beach house, so how could I not choose it?

Both PG and Adult showers are available -- or will be. Can you wait?  You will have to be patient until April; then fight the hoards.

You can change the tint of the hardware, light or dark as well as the washcloth. Lots of animations including couples make this a winner.

Another soon to be released item is this coordinating privacy screen. So very original and pretty! Now only a couple of you will care, but the hinges are outstanding!  OK, what can I say -- I dabble in mesh and look at the little things. The glass in the screen has three choices of colors -- an early morning discovery.

The art glass in the screen comes in a version that is just art. I love it but haven't quite figured out where it could go. Ah, the GALLERY. How fitting.

So mark your calendars for April 1. You won't be fooled. I can guarantee there will be some very special items out at FaMESHed this round. Our designers just keep getting better and better!

Poses by: the shower and LAP (nla)


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