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Pose Fair - Catching Up - Maybe

There are just so many great bits of newness at Pose Fair 2013 which is almost open as this posts :D. Yeah!  Trying to play a bit of catchup, you get three of my favorite poses from three different designers. They all have loads of goodies for you to try out and try on so I am sure you will have a great time at the fair.

First up is Poise who has some "hoop" poses. Now the poses come with a hoop prop, but I (amazingly) had my own favorite from a retro fair if I remember correctly -- and we DO get attached to our favorite things. The poses are lots of fun and of course could be used with all sorts of other props besides hoops. This one could easily have a set of barbells for example :D.

aDORKable has lots of new releases too including a pack called "Whimsy". The name appealed to me and so do the poses. All fun!  I am wearing a lunchbox from Elymode's gatcha machine. Not "everything" thing at the fair is an animation *wink*.

Here is a casual and slightly lost little girl pose from Coco -- part of the Spring Fling set.

Oh my! I almost forgot. I have new duds!!!!!!  Very cute harem capris and a cropped tank (sold separately) from  SLC. If you have been to the shop you know the prices are great. There are tons of colors to choose from. You can mix and match to your heart's content. These are VERY comfy.

For me, the top ran a little large and the bottoms a little small -- but what's in a sizing letter anyway. They look great and that's what matters. They move nicely with the body which is good if you are going through all these moves!

Poses by: Poise, aDORKable and Coco at Pose Fair 2013


Onyx Nirvana said…
Thank you, this is beautiful! :)

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